CEO's Message

PiG(Publishing & Investing in Games)is a mobile game publisher on a mission to publish quality mobile games and invest in developers.

Unlike PC and console games, having a segmented player base, mobile gaming is enjoyed by all and is the fastest-growing gaming platform worldwide.Numerous mobile games are launched every year and gamers all over the world can find games to fit even the most niche of tastes.Since its inception, PiG has concentrated on providing consulting services to assist developers and publishers alike in succeeding in the vast sea of mobile games.

We have consulted on over 100 mobile titles and gained extensive experience.Based on these experiences, we decided to venture out for ourselves in 2019. So, we licensed several mobile games and became a mobile game publisher.Regardless of the developer's location, size or genre, we target high-quality ideas that possess the potential to succeed in global markets.

PiG welcomes not only those who are experienced in the game industry but also those who are passionate about servicing mobile games in global markets. Those who can learn new languages and cultures, those who relish the challenge of experimenting with various genres. These are the individuals we believe are right to champion the global success of PiG.

As a result, we are comprised of an array of different people from all over the world, spanning offices in three countries, South Korea, Japan and Thailand, all working together to achieve a shared goal. At PiG, we dream of working with open-minded individuals, willing to learn from each other and are passionate about success on a global scale.

We aim to expand our network further and provide game services in every corner of the globe.